Saturday, May 9, 2009

happy hollidays

It's been a crazy week or two. I have completely lost track of my normal life and have been focusing on fun. Shit ya, right? anyway things have been pretty quite around here. taking time off of work and staying on the bike has been doing all of us really well. We rode cross country in cedro on monday. Let me tell you, following zach into an area I have never been before is something I will never do again. His sense of direction sucks. Ive been riding with the bikeworks crew quite a bit. never a dull moment there. I got to fuck with Lucero's facebook a bit and that was quite fun. His sister should be pretty pissed about now. Local pro Chris Boice is back in town, and let me tell you he can whine like nobodys business. But god damn is that kid fast. here is a shot of me. I am really not very good, but Long is a great photographer. Mothers day is tomorrow, so i created a little craigslist ad. you can check it out here. Happy hollidays everyone!