Friday, June 19, 2009

Contest: Oddities from the Streets on Albuquerque

Kris and Justin's Magic Power Hour proudly presents:
Kris and Justin's Magic Power Hour's Oddities from the Streets of Albuquerque photo contest! Brought to you by the fine people at Baconnaise.

Here's how this is going to work, Folks:
You are walking around our fine city and you spot something strange, odd or completely messed up. Just snap a picture and send it to K&J's MPH and you're entered!

All submissions will be reviewed by Kris and Justin personally!

The winner will be announced on Saturday, July 4th and will receive an autographed 40oz bottle of Mickey's Malt Liquor (with valid ID, or something)!!!

So, get to snapping! You only have a couple of weeks.
And they better be good, dammit!

No purchase necessary. Valid in Albuquerque only. Void where prohibited. See packaging for details.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Slacking seems to be in my nature

So kris and I ( correct grammar fuckers) started this blog with great intentions! This blog was to be so huge that we would never have to work ( or pretend to work) again. Unfortunately having your own blog is not quite as easy as I had assumed. We put in long hours trying to come up with creative things for you to read. 

Recently it was Kris' birthday. To protest him not attending my 21st birthday party I didn't go to his 34th. I heard good things. Someone made bad decision with an un-named girl. I wont go into details but I hear he has decided to quit drinking because of it.

I got this sweet ass downhill rig, unfortunately I believe the life of it shall be spent riding down stairs at unm, considering all recent riding plans have fallen through.

I currently sit at my computer, sore, and skin missing from my fingers. You see, Tommy and I have started rock climbing and it has turned out to be quite an adventure. Climbing is more of a workout than just about anything you will even do. I  suggest giving it a shot.

And speaking of shots god friend and fellow blogger Carlos Jesus of dpd spent the day in the shop with us. We tried to go buy minis of rum. After my completely valid ID was rejected at the first gas station, we continued to a package liquor store, which didn't actually exist. Apparently bars wont serve to-go cups of rum. we tried another gas station which also told me my ID was illegal to take. Fuck gas stations. CJ went back into the original gas station and bought the minis without me. We went to taco bell and bought pina colada frutistas and viola. A perfect combo for a slow day at work, which also happened to be Kristopher's birthday.

anyway. If you haven't seen him, wish the dude a happy birthday.

Awkward Body Noises: Random Thought of the Day vol. 2

Situation: When your foot slides on something or you sit in a leather chair and it makes a fake-fart sound. Someone calls you out on being rude and breaking wind.

You response is usually, "No, it wasn't me! My foot did this..."

Ever notice how you can never make that sound again intentionally.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Sights, Sounds and Smells of Albuquereque: Jane, get me off this crazy thing!

I need to preface this post with three things:
  1. This lack of posting is causing me great concern. Am I losing those creative juices?
  2. I'm back from my odyssey in Denver. I will write about my adventures in the near future. Holla.
  3. My vegetarian post that all of you hate me for mysteriously disappeared. You're lucky!

Every city or town has the "Only in Blahblahblah..." stories. Having lived in Boulder, CO, I have quite a few from there. But none that I've heard from other places are as weird as the things I have heard in Albuquerque. It's true. If you've never visited the Duke City, give it 2 weeks on a bicycle and you'll agree.

What got this ball of weirdness rolling in my mind was a peculiar sight I saw yesterday while in my friend's car driving down San Mateo. Picture this: Ford F-150 parked in the left lane, hazard lights a-flashin', man (presumably driver) standing in the median holding aloft a portable gas tank and spilling its contents (presumably gas) onto the street.

That is a sight you don't see everyday, and it begs so many different questions (Most of them beginning in "Why the hell...?!?").

Commuting by bicycle in pretty much any city offers you a unique view of the city. A car will close you off from what is happening around you, but when you're on a bike, you're exposed to the world. Sometimes its uplifting, but usually it's a drag (My girlfriend recently has had a rash of people shouting "Bitch!").

Just today I was nearly run over by a huge boat of a car. The response from the woman in the car to my obligatory "What the hell?!?" was "It's cuz you're riding a bike and should be riding me." To my motorist readers: This is not a good way to entice a member of the opposite sex. Cyclists need to be loved and cared for. Ask us out to dinner or a moonlit stroll. Hitting us with your cars will only make us die.

Other bicycle related oddities:
I once got passed on Lomas by a van. A defiant middle-finger was jutting out of the passenger window. This is nothing unusual. The part that made me chuckle was that the side of the van proudly read "United Methodist Church". Silly theists.

The cop that yelled at my friends to "Get on the sidewalk!" as they were in the bike lane on San Pedro.

Blah. I have a bunch more, but I am in fact at work right now. It's not as boring here as it was when we started this trainwreck, er, blog. So, as I am very distracted now, I will leave it up to you. Post your strange stories in the comment section.

Silly Albuquerque.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

happy hollidays

It's been a crazy week or two. I have completely lost track of my normal life and have been focusing on fun. Shit ya, right? anyway things have been pretty quite around here. taking time off of work and staying on the bike has been doing all of us really well. We rode cross country in cedro on monday. Let me tell you, following zach into an area I have never been before is something I will never do again. His sense of direction sucks. Ive been riding with the bikeworks crew quite a bit. never a dull moment there. I got to fuck with Lucero's facebook a bit and that was quite fun. His sister should be pretty pissed about now. Local pro Chris Boice is back in town, and let me tell you he can whine like nobodys business. But god damn is that kid fast. here is a shot of me. I am really not very good, but Long is a great photographer. Mothers day is tomorrow, so i created a little craigslist ad. you can check it out here. Happy hollidays everyone!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Running the Gauntlet: Bicycle Commuting in ABQ, Earth Day edition

Today is Earth Day. Instead of planting trees or turning lights off or whatever people do on Earth Day, I commuted to and from work on my bicycle. Not because it's Earth Day, but because I do that everyday. That's right, Hippies, plant as many tree as you want!

The exciting part of bike commuting in Albuquerque is that every mile could be your last. At any given time you could have crazy dogs, oblivious joggers, idiotic drivers or massive sinkholes all competing with each other to end your life.

The city has been doing a great job of adding more bike lanes and trails, but I feel like those just offer cyclists a false sense of security. If I were riding on the Bosque Trail one beautiful Saturday afternoon and a car jumped out of the river aiming right for me, I wouldn't be surprised in the least.

These are the risks that bicycle commuters take in order to experience the overwhelming sense of moral superiority that one feels when they commute by bicycle. Bicycle riders are like modern day James Deans. Living on the edge, laughing in the face of Death.

And why shouldn't we feel superior? I don't really give two shits about the environment, that's not why I ride my bike. But that kind of leaves me feeling ripped off seeing all these jackasses driving by in huge SUVs halfway in my bike lane, talking on their cell phones about global warming while ruining the air that I clearly need more.

I'm not too bothered by the whole things, though. I feel like my life is a lot more full than those assholes. In the morning I have the crisp cool air in my face, the smells of spring all over. Life is good, life is beautiful. Then some white collar zombie runs a stop sign while reaching for his Venti Carmel Macciato.

Happy Earth Day!

What the fuck

I've been really upbeat lately and its a bit strange to me. I can assume its due to the fact I stopped giving a shit about work, and I'm riding alot more. Unfortunately I am blogging less ( perhaps fortunately for our readers!) Today is my friday, well kinda, but I dont have to work tomorrow which is fucking sweet. There has been alot going on in the world lately, and if you are unaware of it, believe me I am not the person who should be informing you. (ask zach, he has alot of really horrible opinions which he believes to be true and just) If not informative at least you can walk away having a good laugh. I saw some Somolian pirates on T.V. the other day, and much to my dismay not a single one was wearing an eye patch like the pirates on tv. I truely believe Disney has been leading us astray. But holy shit right, lets hear it for U.S. snipers! I also found this which kinda disturbed me. To vere in another direction my birthday is coming up, and I expect many wonderful gifts from all of you! Kris and I are planning a magic power hour camping trip. You can expect plenty of pictures, and possibly some interesting schemes we have cooked up.

until next time,
I bid you farewell!
- Oh and if you are a pirate, Watch out! America is coming for you!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Teabagging Republicans: Open Wide

It's tax day. Normally I'm stressing out, trying to get out of work and heading down to where ever to get them done. Fortunately, I did them weeks ago, so I'm able to sit back, relax, and watch the day unfold. And what is so interesting about today? Why, today is the day that Conservatives, fed up with the idea of "taxation with representation," are hanging out in public places all over America and teabagging each other.

I know that a million people have blogged about this already, but I just couldn't resist. It really showcases how out of touch with normal people these Conservatives are. Even Faux News is throwing their full support behind teabagging.

I think Racheal Maddow explains it the best:
On a side note: The blog may look like crap because someone on this computer erased Firefox. So, for the time being I am forced to use Internet Explorer version: whothefuckcares.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Blogging on Blogging: The Untold Story of a Narcissist

For quite some time I've had a nagging feeling in the back of my brain telling me that this blog should actually be about something. After returning from the doctor with news that the tumor in the back of my brain was benign and wouldn't be giving me nagging feelings, I started thinking that it might be true; That this blog should be about something other than a narcissistic clearing house of ideas and utterly pointless ranting. Maybe I should find some little niche in an obscure corner of the internet and develop some sort of obscure, corner-of-the-internet kind of following. Champion a small movement of strangers around a strange cause that I just made up. But what would that niche be?

  • There are blogs on cycling but, as far as I'm concerned, Bike Snob NYC has that covered. That's it, 'nuff said.
  • There are blogs on activism and anarchy and stuff, but I feel like if I devoted that much effort into blogging about that crap, my ulser would never heal.
  • There are blogs on general politics, but I would most likely spend most of my time going off on Beck and Hannity on every post. Not that it wouldn't be entertaining, but I have more depth than that.
What it really boils down to is: What the hell do I know? I don't really know enough about one subject to develop my own niche blog. I certainly don't have the attention span. Besides, the next step after forming a niche blog is joining Twitter. No one wants that.

So, I'm going to keep on laying down the random things that pop into my brain and posting them on the internet for the world (meaning the four readers of my blog) to see. I think it was Jesus or Gandhi that said, "variety is the spice of life." And if that doesn't work, I'll just start posting pictures of topless women.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Give 'em the Stylish Boot: A serious blog

I have always been a fan of making full use of my 1st Amendment rights and I have never shied away from putting myself in harm's way to express my views, or point out something I disagree with, or whatever. Basically, protesting and demonstrating, in an form, is a blast. You never feel as alive or free until your standing nose-to-nose with a cop.

What got me talking about this crap, you ask? Recently a reader forwarded me this gripping article of a troupe of Anti-Racist Action clowns shutting down a Vanguard News Network rally (read: comedy special).

There are certain events that require special treatment by activists: Parades require lock-downs, workshops require infiltration, world financial meetings require the Black Bloc. Now, all of these things have been tried when Nazis and bigots have a rally. I usually ends up in a bunch of angry 20-somethings trying to beat each other up. Which is fine. I have no problem with beating up Nazis. The thing is, it doesn't actually do anything. It gets our aggression out, but it doesn't actually affect them.

That's what creative protest is a helluva valuable tool for just about everything.
The Top Gun of which is the Biotic Baking Brigade. Hold all of the protests you want outside, the BBB will get in there and do the job right. Pie in the face.

It's the little things. Like the kids in Toronto painting their own bike lanes. Starting your won parade using hand-made inflatables. Or your good, old fashioned effigy.

Let's DO something!

(be back soon with something a little more light-hearted! -k)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday is magic!!!

I do really enjoy Sunday. It is unfortunate that we have to work, but I get to wake up late and leave early. I almost feel like I accomplish things on Sundays. Our wonderful store was recently vandalized, as well as a few other stores along San Mateo. I came to work realizing that I had my car parked here for a few days, so instantly I assumed my car had been destroyed during the vandalism. Much to my surprise my car was fine. The vandals did happen to to tag my front fender with something that happened to make my day. Best tag I have ever seen.

As to my lack of postings, Xak informed me that this blog would be better if I wrote less. I guess that's right.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Every Cloud has an Aluminum Lining: Musings on poverty

Economic crisis! Stock market plummets! Bail-outs! Bernard Madoff! Socialism!

People are freaked out about the state of our money stuff these days. Turn on any news program or open a publication and there's some jack-ass, red in the face, telling me how bad things are. Change the channel and there's another jack-ass telling me how bad things are going to be.

It turns out that these are some of the best times to be poor.

Think about it. Our streets don't look like 17- or 18th-century English period movies anymore. Seldom does a crippled child, dressed in rags come up to me and ask for two bits or a ha'penny. Maybe that's because I live in a relatively recession-proof area, but that's not my point, dammit!
See, when you're poor like I'm poor you're able to find joy in the smallest, stupidest things around you. For instance, today my new $11 26.0mm Kalloy Uno seatpost arrived and I couldn't be happier. A richer man wouldn't be happy with anything less than a Thomson, or, as this savvy poster on found, a carpet fiber seatpost (isn't technology amazing?). Not for me. I don't care if it's full carpet fiber or just carpet fiber-wrapped, just give me my $11 Kalloy.

Another free opiate or the masses, the internet, of course. More specifically: StumbleUpon. Talk about your countless hours of free entertainment. It was on StumbleUpon where a coworker of mine found this little gem. On this site you can plaster your face all over stuff until your little, narcissistic heart is content.

Here I made Brad Pitt a Times Square Target ad for no reason:

Here's one fore the ladies:
Would a rich guy find this as amusing as I do? Hell no! He'd be too busy trying to look like David Beckham (I'm pretty sure that's David Beckham) so he could get on a Times Square Target ad. Or maybe he'd like it. I don't know. I've only met a few rich people. The point is this: We're in the 21st century. We have free entertainment up to our ears, $1 Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers up to our colons, and enough beer cans in my back yard to take to the recycling place and turn in to buy more beer.

Bring on the economic apocalypse!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Glenn Beck: The Funniest Man on Television

I'm almost out of here, but I wanted to end April Fool's Day with a tribute to possibly the funniest man on television, Glenn Beck.
Glenn has been on my radar since his comedy show was on CNN. Like that time when he asked the American Idol contestant to pose naked for him in front of a camera:

Glenn Beck Asks Innappropriate Question - Watch more Funny Videos
But now the man is of Fox News, and they just completely let him off of the Leftist-censorship leash that CNN had him on. The man is such a good actor, he can even cry on command.
Until tomorrow, I leave you with a best-of compilation of the illimitable Glenn Beck.

Continuing Coverage: Science is Magic

Alas, my Denver trip did not pan out. The gods had their way, so I am stuck here in the Duke City. On a good note, I will be here to keep Justin safe and warm with a steady supply of beer to keep him Man-Powered.
So, I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce a new K&J MPH/GetInuit series, Science is Magic.
Take, for example, this nifty trick from Colorado: A kitchen sink that shoots flames. Is that not magical? Mark my words: This will be the new trend in home-ownership.
  • Step One: Arrange for natural gas to leak into your water pipes
  • Step Two: Light and enjoy!
Another interesting thing you can do in your space time is make 3 gallons of pink lemonade in a water jugs, drink it until your sick, let the rest sit out for 2 weeks then watch the magic. Our remaining gallon has turned a milky pink and there are clouds of something floating in it. More information to come after Justin drinks some of it.
Please kids, don't try this at home until we figure out how this effects Justin. Science is magic, but it is not a toy. Let the professionals at K&J MPH put their friends' lives in jeopardy, so you don't have to. After all, we have knuckle tattoos:
Get your own knuckles at the knuckle tattoo gun.

(UPDATE 04/02/09: Justin drank to pink lemonade, complained of a sour taste and left work early. I have not heard from him since)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Time At Last

My blogging companion has saddened me today. It seems awhile ago he told me he was going to Denver. Obviously I don't pay attention to anyone around here, so presumably I missed that part of our conversation. I am alone. I am cold, and I am scared. Return from the mythical land of Colorado soon my friend. May god be with you!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Boreas hath forsaken me: My pre-odyssey to Denver

It seems that I have not pleased the gods. The wrath of Zeus has caused him to call upon the mighty Boreas to slow me in my quest to return home to Denver.
Cursed North winds!
As Odysseus angered Poseidon on his journey home to Athens, it seems I too might be forced to endure and epic journey to return to Denver.
Okay, so it's not that bad. I bought my Greyhound bus tickets a week ago, boxed up my bicycle and was preparing for another bike and beer tour of Denver. Things weren't so bad a few hours ago. Light snow, a few road closures. Might take a little longer, but I can deal with that. As I write, however, 40 miles of I-25 are closed north of Walsenburg due to accidents.
Normally I'm not an impatient guy, but I have to get out of town before this happens! Let me be clear about this: I intend to ride my bike, not do whatever the hell this stupid shit is.
Long story short, I'm outta here one way or another. I'll be back next week with more dry comments and attempts at humor.
In the meantime, I leave you in the capable (read: special) hands of Justin.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

As a side note

I frequent It is some sort of sick fetish I have to see what I can purchase that other people no longer have any use for. The only problem with this is, I am constantly broke. So, it is usually only some sort of sad wish I have and could never actually buy things like this totally awesome vagina couch. Now unlike my friend and co-non-worker kris, I do not usually look at the personal ads or casual encounters while I'm alone. For reasons that kris described. It's almost as if you have to go wash your hands after viewing them if you do so alone. Now on the other hand with a couple of pals around the pages are riddled with comic genius. Awhile back I was hanging out with a few of the zagadka boys, and we stumbled across the T4M. Now at the time I wasnt really sure of what T4M meant, but now I am quite aware. It seems people in our town and quite possibly all over the state are fucking sick in the head. But to inform our readers, "hosting" means you can go get your sick little fuck fest on at their place. This way your roomates or and or parents who you refer to as roomates don't have to know you sucked off some dude wearing a dress. But on the down side, other than sucking off some dude wearing a dress, he will be filming it, and you will be an overnight sensation. But on the bright side, every once in a while you stumble upon gems such as this.

And to be completely honest, I could never possibly get sick of pink lemonade!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Green Chile, Chicken Burritos: The Silent Killer

Sometimes the things that come out of my mouth while I'm drinking at the bar are funny at the time, but after sobering up they become disturbing and creepy. With that in mind, I will not be discussing my ill-conceived science experiment of infecting a green chile, chicken burrito with AIDS. Not only is it a terrible idea, I also don't know anyone with AIDS. (If you have AIDS or are willing to be infected by a burrito, email me)
On the subject of creepy and disturbing, lately Justin and I have been trolling the Craigslist personals. The "casual encounters" section, in particular, offers a steady stream of laughs, gasps and cries of "What the fuck?" On this day, however, I found myself lurking in the "casual encounters" section without Justin and the whole experienced changed (keep in mind that I am at work). Instead of a semi-innocent good time had with a coworker, it seemed more like trying to find free porn on my parents' computer (not that I ever did that or know what it feels like).
This isn't entirely my fault, though. Not with steamy passages like this:
I want to meet people who like to masturbate in front of me while I masturbate. I love to see young guys shoot their load right in the air...mmmmm.I am in bikini shape, i have strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. I can almost always make plans to host with a few days notice.
This personal confuses me in a few ways:
  • What kind of a person makes themself that available on the internet?
  • What does she mean by "host"?
  • ...I don't even know what to begin with the "shoot their load right in the air" part.
Then, elsewhere on Craigslist, there are the whole "mw4w" and "m4t" parts that I can't begin to understand, hence I won't discuss them.
Maybe (read: probably) I'm really naive or immature, but this stuff facinates me. Like a science experiment.
I wonder if anyone on Craigslist would be interested in infecting a green chile, chicken burrito with AIDS.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Turning your worthless 401k into dinner for 4: 10 easy recipes

To blow off steam during this time of economic downturn, I usually do one of three things:
  1. Take my aggressions out on the reader(s) of this blog (thanks Mom!)
  2. Do an angry dance number in a warehouse
  3. Or, go for a relaxing drive in my tank-dozer
Today, on the other hand, I am in an unusually good mood. Apart from dealing with the poop-factories I call coworkers, everything is coming up Milhouse.
It has a lot to do with the fact that recently I've taken the time to stop and notice the subtleties of life around me. For example, you are not allowed to check corpses onto a Greyhound bus (a fact the Justin eluded to yesterday with minor errors). Which begs the question: Was this rule made out necessity or just good ol' forward-thinking? Was Greyhound once plagued with travelers toting their deceased loved ones or did some maverick within the company foresee baggage compartments full of the fresh cadavers? Cremated remains are also out, but the site does not reference severed limbs. My advise to all the would-be carcass-transporters out there: Invest in a decent hacksaw.
Other baggage restrictions of note: Ammunition, furniture and materials with a disagreeable odor (which is highly subjective, in my opinion).
Another way to notice the beauty of your world is by seeing it through the eyes of someone else. Photography is a great way to see things in a way that you might not have otherwise. Unless that photography involves fixed-gear bicycles. I offer you exhibits A, B and C from the K & J's MPH Self-Indulgent Site of the Week, Fixed Gear Gallery. My complaint is as follows: If you are going to post pictures on a bicycle website and go into greatly detailed description of your bike, please post a picture of your bike. Not some quasi-artsy, "outside-the-box" bullshit that doesn't even look good...
See? I start talking about Fixed Gear Gallery and completely lose my cool.
Oh well. Maybe in these tough economic times people will start appreciating their old, crappy ten-speeds the way they are.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

All natural mustache madness

Sorry for the lack of updates followers. It appears kris and I are not as on top of our blogging game as we assumed. Mostly due to the fact we actually have, and live pretty decent lives, unlike some people living off mommy and daddy. those sensitive sons of bitches who blog for a living. So, Work has been busy. There ya have it. with things to do we blog less. yesterday was saint drinky day, and i stayed sober as as a nun? Kris just informed me that you cant check corpses into an airline check in baggage. so carry those bitches on the plane with you. I suggest the siamese twin approach. just say its sick and sleeping. I went to a show on monday. saw my two favorite bands


Ryan from inaviate with zagadka

Monday, March 9, 2009

Daylight savings what!!!!!

So yesterday derek and I decided it was time to get our ramp finished. Woke up at 8 in the morning. Busted our asses most of the day. I dont think I have ever moved as much wood in my entire life. Turns out it was daylight savings time and we got to stay out working later. much to my dismay I now have to wake up earlier or something. Fuck you daylight savings, fuck you!!!
pictures of the ramp soon. Oh and and another strange note, my girlfriend and i were woken up at 3:30 in the morning by my ex girlfriend. That shit was pretty sweet.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

days not at work

recovery days are most appreciated

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Reflections: Random Thought of the Day Vol 1

Do you ever have one of those days when you just stop, take a moment out of your busy life and wonder, "How long has my fly been down?"

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dolphin vs. Unicorn

The internet is an amazing thing, you know?
Anyone with an idea or a dream can communicate it to the rest of the world (except China). And, no matter how silly the idea, the power of the internet can connect you to others that share your enthusiasm for that idea.
There are a lot of crazy, oft perverted, ideas out there. Every once in a while, however, you find the diamond in the rough. An idea that profoundly changes your life for the better.
And here it is:

Yet another beautiful sunday rolls by and we are cooped up in a shop, which so convienently markets to customers who rely on good weather to partake in thier sport. Ironic, I have to be inside, helping yuppie assholes figure out how to shift bikes, only for them to leave the store and enjoy the amazing day riding, while I sit here writing on a blog I created to talk about how much we hate being here. But fuckin-aye its summer time right. well sorta. I got to leave work yesterday early to go ride, so I cant really complain too much. Unfortunately I completely had my bicycle riding confidence shaken, as I rode the hardest dirt jumps I have ever been to. I spent most of my time on the ground instead of in the air. I broke my seat, and due to this managed to make my brakeless bike skid, by having my balls sucked directly into the rear tire between the frame. after about 5 minutes on the ground and about 10 minutes making sure the boys were ok, I managed to finally make it through the jumps. SKETCHY! In the midst of all this madnees I get a text from my dad
400,000 miles but still works good.
yah hooray for my dad

Ball Movement and Blackholes

There's something very sad about being locked in a bike shop on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The basketball announcer on TV keeps shouting about "ball movement." Man, basketball is a stupid sport. The upshot is my hangover is slowly subsiding thanks to a large amount of coffee.
Facebook offers little entertainment. It turns out my friends are fans of black holes.
My bike sits sad and alone in my dark living room.
Tom keeps asking me about the Communist Manifesto, which is and odd feature of the day.
ok ok. I'm sorry. It's not all bad. I don't mean to dump on you.

Saturday, February 28, 2009


i pretty much got my ass handed to me dirt jumping

Friday, February 27, 2009

so we had some drinks
this is how it went down. kinda.....

thats most of my favorite people.
and my two favorite girls in one picture

Its 10:45

Im still really drunk

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fuck it!

We just put the adult content warning up. Now we can say whatever the fuck we want.
And, as an added bonus, post naughty pictures.



so basically I sit around all day and do nothing. Or at least now until I go back to school.

I am kind of hoping this blog will be what you look at when you need to kill time. I'm sure it will be updated more than once a day. So after you're done myspacing, facebooking, and tarckbiking I hope you keep us in mind.

Kris and I have alot of useless things to talk about and we find something cool on the internet everyday. Stumble is an amazing waste of time.

So listen, I just got this new camera and I'll be updating with lots of pictures, kind of a way to teach myself how to use the damn thing.

so check back as often as you would like to. I'm sure something new will be up. Tell all your friends about us aswell!

Zach, hard at work

Kris, doing his thang

It's the Power Hour

So, here it is. The Power Hour.

Here is how this is going to work: I type, you read. I would prefer if you read aloud and the higher the decibels the better. You're going to want to share the wisdom in this blog with your friends, classmates and coworkers. Don't worry, the looks you will be getting from them might look like disgust. They are actually looks of deep respect, even jealousy.

You're welcome.

Until I get sick of this blog you will learn a lot about Justin and me. Jewels such as: Stuff we hate, how hungover we are at any given moment, what we REALLY think about Latvia, as well as the latest in made-up celebrity gossip.

Let's begin.


... I hate Latvians

... My hangover from yesterday persists

... Don't even get me started on Latvia

... Brad Pitt is, oh I don't know, at odds with Angelina Jolie after confessing to having an affair with a transgendered Laotian boy.

There you have it. See you soon.

First day o'bloggin

Today Kris and I decided to start a blog. Well, I told him we should and he agreed. We usually work together and don't really have anything to do, so check back daily for more information on how we spend our days. Here is an example of how I spend my time on the clock.