Saturday, February 28, 2009


i pretty much got my ass handed to me dirt jumping

Friday, February 27, 2009

so we had some drinks
this is how it went down. kinda.....

thats most of my favorite people.
and my two favorite girls in one picture

Its 10:45

Im still really drunk

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fuck it!

We just put the adult content warning up. Now we can say whatever the fuck we want.
And, as an added bonus, post naughty pictures.



so basically I sit around all day and do nothing. Or at least now until I go back to school.

I am kind of hoping this blog will be what you look at when you need to kill time. I'm sure it will be updated more than once a day. So after you're done myspacing, facebooking, and tarckbiking I hope you keep us in mind.

Kris and I have alot of useless things to talk about and we find something cool on the internet everyday. Stumble is an amazing waste of time.

So listen, I just got this new camera and I'll be updating with lots of pictures, kind of a way to teach myself how to use the damn thing.

so check back as often as you would like to. I'm sure something new will be up. Tell all your friends about us aswell!

Zach, hard at work

Kris, doing his thang

It's the Power Hour

So, here it is. The Power Hour.

Here is how this is going to work: I type, you read. I would prefer if you read aloud and the higher the decibels the better. You're going to want to share the wisdom in this blog with your friends, classmates and coworkers. Don't worry, the looks you will be getting from them might look like disgust. They are actually looks of deep respect, even jealousy.

You're welcome.

Until I get sick of this blog you will learn a lot about Justin and me. Jewels such as: Stuff we hate, how hungover we are at any given moment, what we REALLY think about Latvia, as well as the latest in made-up celebrity gossip.

Let's begin.


... I hate Latvians

... My hangover from yesterday persists

... Don't even get me started on Latvia

... Brad Pitt is, oh I don't know, at odds with Angelina Jolie after confessing to having an affair with a transgendered Laotian boy.

There you have it. See you soon.

First day o'bloggin

Today Kris and I decided to start a blog. Well, I told him we should and he agreed. We usually work together and don't really have anything to do, so check back daily for more information on how we spend our days. Here is an example of how I spend my time on the clock.