Monday, August 2, 2010

Where has time gone?

So Much time has passed since Kris or I have updated this thing. New changes to life, Big changes. I lost my blogging partner to the greasy, grimey San Fran. He resides just outside the city In a little place you may or may not have heard of, Oakland. I missed him so damn much, that I hopped on a plane and stayed with him and his gal pal for a few days. Here are some of the things I learned;

1. I can ride a bike better than I can walk, while drunk. You see my first night in Oakland we went drinking. I was so drunk I could barely walk, but pedaling the noble surly steamrolled was not an issue. I knew devoting my life to cycling would eventually pay off.

2. Oakland is full of African Americans. I am not racist, but I do live in New Mexico where the black population is less than 1%. Culture shock to say the least.

3. San Fran has a bunch of really mazing things to see, but if you are riding around, beware of subway grates, they are not aligned properly, and your tires may fall right through them.

4. That city is fucking cold in the summer. There was some famous quote about it, but I forgot to memorize it, and no one is reading this anyway.

5. The Werewolf bus is fucking nuts, and you should probably not touch your nose on it. Just saying....

6. Clowns are everywhere.

7. A 4x4 from In-N- Out is deliciously terrible.

here you go fans