Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Slacking seems to be in my nature

So kris and I ( correct grammar fuckers) started this blog with great intentions! This blog was to be so huge that we would never have to work ( or pretend to work) again. Unfortunately having your own blog is not quite as easy as I had assumed. We put in long hours trying to come up with creative things for you to read. 

Recently it was Kris' birthday. To protest him not attending my 21st birthday party I didn't go to his 34th. I heard good things. Someone made bad decision with an un-named girl. I wont go into details but I hear he has decided to quit drinking because of it.

I got this sweet ass downhill rig, unfortunately I believe the life of it shall be spent riding down stairs at unm, considering all recent riding plans have fallen through.

I currently sit at my computer, sore, and skin missing from my fingers. You see, Tommy and I have started rock climbing and it has turned out to be quite an adventure. Climbing is more of a workout than just about anything you will even do. I  suggest giving it a shot.

And speaking of shots god friend and fellow blogger Carlos Jesus of dpd spent the day in the shop with us. We tried to go buy minis of rum. After my completely valid ID was rejected at the first gas station, we continued to a package liquor store, which didn't actually exist. Apparently bars wont serve to-go cups of rum. we tried another gas station which also told me my ID was illegal to take. Fuck gas stations. CJ went back into the original gas station and bought the minis without me. We went to taco bell and bought pina colada frutistas and viola. A perfect combo for a slow day at work, which also happened to be Kristopher's birthday.

anyway. If you haven't seen him, wish the dude a happy birthday.

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